Netflix’s One Piece Exec Details Eiichiro Oda’s Role in the Show

One Piece has been around for decades and it feels like there’s nothing the series hasn’t done. From movies to video games and everywhere in between, the Straw Hat crew has been busy since they got together. Of course, Netflix hopes to shake up its story by giving One Piece a live-action TV adaptation. And now one of the show’s executives is opening up about how One Piece comes together with the creator’s approval.

The information comes directly from Ted Biaselli, the director of Netflix Originals. The executive appeared on The Gayest Episode Ever to talk about the store, which is where One Piece came into the picture. That’s where Biaselli admitted that series creator Eiichiro Oda is very involved with the show, and he keeps the crew on track when things go haywire.

Oda’s work with Netflix

“We’re working directly with Eiichiro Oda, the creator. You know, he has a vision and he’s never worked for television, so it’s a give and take in education about what works in live-action and what doesn’t. He will tell us we’re missing the point, that… [this thing] is not what this scene is about. Then we’ll all go, oh, okay,” Biaselli said, nodding at Oda and his role on the TV series.

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Obviously, Oda has been involved with One Piece from the beginning of his time at Netflix. In 2020, writer Matt Owens said he and his team regularly sent scripts to Oda as pre-production began. “Oda and his team are very involved. They read all our sketches and all our scripts and give us notes,” the writer shared.

“Netflix knows how valuable this property is because of what it is. It is successful because of what it already has in its existence. Any change is just about making it palatable to a wider audience and a live-action version of it. “

Netflix’s One Piece has come a long way since it was announced, and fans are getting more excited by the day to see the first look. The feature films were included in the TV series earlier this year, so all eyes are on the behind-the-scenes post-production. There is no doubt that Oda will keep up with the TV series as the editing continues. And when we look at Netflix’s adaptation for the first time, you can bet that the creator of One Piece will be the first to share their reaction.

What do you think of this latest One Piece update? Are you excited to see how this customization goes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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