Netflix’s Midnight Club Officially Sets Guinness World Record

Mike Flanagan’s New TV Series The Midnight Club only just landed on Netflix today, but the Guinness Book of World Records has already bestowed the filmmaker the record for “most scripted jump scares in a single television episode,” per Variety. The award was presented to him at the series’ panel at New York Comic Con, where an organization representative claimed the series premiere includes 21 copies of the genre trope. Interestingly, Flanagan himself found the recognition ironic, claiming that he often gets the note to include more startle responses in the stories he tells.

“This is especially important to me because I hate jump scares and I think they are the worst,” Flanagan told a news conference earlier that day. “My whole career, people have been like, ‘Put in more jump scares and do them faster!'”

The filmmaker’s reaction when told to include more jump scares was to lean so heavily on the trope that he embraced the far opposite end of the spectrum.

“The notes already came in from: ‘Time to do jump scares.’ So I thought we’re going to do them all at once and, if we do it right, a startle will become meaningless for the rest of the series and we’ll just destroy and kill it, finally, until it’s dead,” confessed the filmmaker. . “But it didn’t. They said, ‘Great! More of those!’ So all my career I’ve only talked about jump scares as a concept, and now I want to make sure it was attached to me as much as it was to the show and Netflix and all of us who caused this on everyone, now I’ve my name in the Guinness Book of World Records for jump scares which means the next time I get the note I can say ‘As the current world record holder in jump scares I can tell you I don’t’ I think not that we need one here.’ And that’s my whole strategy.”

Despite how effective the on-screen tactics can be, Flanagan noted that it’s not that hair-raising on set.

“Filming a jump scare is ridiculous because just off screen everyone is just waiting to do the scare,” Flanagan confessed. “We need to have the kind of fun I never have at work.”

The Midnight Club is now streaming on Netflix.

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