Netflix’s Drive to Survive Season 5 is out next month

Netflix's Drive to Survive Season 5 is out next month

The next season of Drive to Survive – the behind-the-scenes documentation of Formula 1 that sparked an explosive growth in the number of fans who now follow motorsport’s premier league – will be available to watch on Netflix from February 24, 2023.

Drive to survive‘ – the behind-the-scenes documentary series that revealed the inner world of Formula 1 racing – returns to Netflix next month.

The screening date for ‘Drive to surviveSeason 5 is scheduled for February 24, 2023.

Formula 1 management has also confirmed that there will be a Series 6 of ‘Drive to survive’ to be filmed by the 2023 F1 Championship to be shown in early 2024.

Australian F1 ace Daniel Ricciardo’s struggles during his troubled season with the McLaren team in 2022, his eventual replacement by fellow Australian Oscar Piastri and the behind-the-scenes dealings that led to Ricciardo’s surprise departure from the team are expected to be one be the main storylines in the latest installment of ‘Drive to survive‘.

Max Verstappen, the Dutch driver who became the fourth youngest Formula One world champion in 2021 after a brutal rivalry with defending champion Lewis Hamilton, will also be a key figure in the successful defense of his world title.

Verstappen originally intended to deny access to the Netflix cameras for the 2022 season, but after the intervention of Formula 1 boss – former Ferrari team manager Stefano Domenicali – is said to have relented and let the camera crews into his inner circle.

His back-to-back championship run with the Red Bull Racing Team, a new rivalry with Ferrari lead driver Charles Leclerc at the front of the field and conflicts with his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez are also likely to provide key storylines for Season 5.

Formula 1 organizers claim the documentary series has entered the weekly top 10 rankings Netflix Shows in 56 countries in 2022.

The 10-part series summarizes the 23 races of the Formula 1 season in a more accessible way, adopting themes for each episode to make it easier for non-enthusiasts to follow the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Drive to survive‘ is credited with sparking massive growth in Formula 1’s fanbase worldwide and transforming Grand Prix drivers into premier league sports stars.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, the British driver who runs the Mercedes-AMG team, now has an estimated 40 million followers on social media, according to the circle of fans Website.

The first series of “Driving to Survive” was an instant hit in March 2019 after filming the 2018 Formula 1 Championship.

The release date was chosen to give a foretaste of the upcoming Grand Prix season, a pattern that is repeated for each subsequent series.

The first Formula 1 race of this year will take place in Bahrain on March 5, 2023, with the Australian Grand Prix as the third stage of the championship on April 2, 2023.

The 2023 calendar includes three races in the USA for the first time – Austin, Texas; Miami, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada – following the tremendous fan interest generated by ‘Drive to survive‘ has generated unprecedented interest in North America.

Saudi Arabia also joined the series last year as the number of races for the 2023 season has increased to 24.

Formula 1 teams and insiders often talk about the “Netflix effect” now, as the documentary series offers a glimpse into a notoriously elite sport with severe limits on the number of people who can get – or buy – access to the paddock. Pit lane and race team garages and hospitality areas.

The Netflix series has also made the drivers and team members real people, not just the pilots with invisible helmets strapped into the super-fast Grand Prix cars that can reach speeds of up to 320 km/h.

Some F1 drivers have complained ‘Drive to survive‘ is more like a soap opera and has created artificial tension between the drivers.

However, one of the show’s executive producers said it was part of the appeal.

“It’s a soap opera. TV works when it’s relatable. People invest in the characters,” said James Gay-Rees last year.

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