Netflix unveils beautiful new Sonic Prime artwork

sonic prime debuted on Netflix last month and fans of Sega’s blue haze are thrilled with the series so far. In honor of the show’s first season, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has introduced a beautiful new piece of official artwork. The art, drawn by artist Evan Stanley, features Sonic alongside Shatterverse versions of Knuckles, Tails, Amy, and Rouge. It’s a really cool piece of art and it highlights the central hook of the show. Stanley has previously created Sonic art for Archie, Sega, and IDW, so the artist has quite a history with the character!

The new sonic prime art can be found in the Tweet below.

In sonic prime, Sonic is flung through the Shatterverse after destroying a mysterious item known as the Paradox Prism. In the Shatterverse, Sonic encounters strange new take on some of his most familiar friends and foes. On one world, the normally happy Tails has been replaced by the grim and gloomy Nine, while the cheerful Amy has been kidnapped and transformed into the terrifying cyborg known as Rusty Rose. In one world, Knuckles has gone from a grumpy Echidna obsessed with protecting the Chaos Emeralds to a pirate who no longer takes risks and does little more than party. Some of these shots can be seen in the image above.

While the Shatterverse Sonic’s supporting cast differs greatly from those in other Sonic media, Sonic’s interactions with these characters reveal how he sees his friends and the role he plays in their lives. It’s a very interesting series and its connections to the video games make it a must-see for fans of all ages. Netflix hasn’t made an announcement on when the show’s second season will air, but fans will definitely be ready to binge when the announcement comes!

sonic prime now streaming on Netflix. Readers can see all of our past coverage of the show, including our review, here.

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