Netflix is ​​working on a sequel to The Sea Beast

Many movies have been released by Netflix over the years, and in 2022, the streaming site added one of the most popular movies to date. The sea beast is a reckless open-ocean monster-hunting adventure that became “Certified Fresh” on October 29 Rotten tomatoes with a score of 94% critics and 84% audience score. Back in August, ComicBook. com spoke to the film’s director, Chris Williams, who teased the idea of ​​a sequel. Well, it looks like the second episode is officially happening. Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that a sequel to The sea beast was in the works with Williams set to return as director.

The sea beast has become the most-watched animated film in Netflix history and had the second longest stay on Netflix’s Top 10 list for a movie released by the streaming site in 2022, after Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project. In honor of the success of the animated film, Williams has signed an overall deal with Netflix. Not only is he working on a sequel to The sea beastbut he also made a deal to create an original fantasy in the same vein as The princess bride. While chatting with THRWilliams talked about having the biggest animated movie in Netflix history.

“I feel very happy and very grateful and relieved, if you can believe it,” Williams shared. “I worked at Disney for 25 years and it was a very hard decision to leave. I agonized over it for a long time. There are reasons to stay at Disney and there are reasons to leave. And the reasons to stay are also reasons to leave. They treated me very well, I felt very comfortable, and the relationships I had there spanned decades. But I felt like I had to break away from that, partly to have a tell a story that was outside the boundaries of what you normally think of as North American. feature animation. You can get creative satisfaction from pushing boundaries at big companies like Disney or DreamWorks by expanding what people associated a Disney movie with tonally Big Hero 6 wasn’t what people expected from Disney, and that was very satisfying. But I got to a point where I didn’t want to push the line, I wanted to jump over it.”

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