Netflix cancels The Midnight Club after one season

The time is officially up The midnight club. On Thursday, it was announced through a report from The cover that the Netflix horror series has been canceled after one season. Bringing to life the mythos of Christopher Pike’s horror novel franchise, the series was co-creative and executive produced by Midnight Mass and The Ghost of Hill House‘s Mike Flanagan, along with creator Leah Fong. While the series was received positively by critics and fans, and made headlines for its record number of jumpscares, it only briefly charted on the streamer’s Top 10 charts, which was reportedly a factor in its cancellation.

At The Midnight Club, a hospice for terminally ill young adults, eight patients gather at midnight each night to tell each other stories—and make a pact that the next of them to die will give the group a sign from the outside. The series starred Viet Nguyen (Lucifer, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Axelle Carolyn (Horror show, the ghost of Bly Manor), Morgan Beggs (Once upon a time, Smallville), Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour (Black box), and Michael Fimognari (DP: The Ghost of Hill Housedirector: To all boys: always and forever).

What would The midnight club Season 2 is about?

In an interview earlier this fall, Flanagan revealed his ambitions for a possible second season, including the lingering question about Dr. Stanton’s connection to the Paragon. Additionally, Flanagan hinted that previously deceased Season 1 characters could have returned in the second episodes, but in a way that’s a bit unconventional.

“I believe very strongly that when we die, we become stories and we live on in the imagination of the people who loved us,” Flanagan said at the time. “This provided an opportunity if characters drop out of the show that they don’t leave the show, that they remain in their friends’ imaginations and continue to be characters in their stories later on. If the show does a second season, and I have no idea if that will happen part of our grand plan for that was we would keep cast members around because they would still appear in each other’s stories even though the narrators are gone and that was something that I thought was very important thematically keep it on the show.”

What do you think about The Midnight Club being canceled from Netflix?

Season 1 of The midnight club now streaming on Netflix.

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