Netflix cancels hit series after just one season

Netflix is ​​officially breaking up Disconnected. On Friday, reports confirmed that the series has been canceled by the streaming service, almost six months after it first arrived on the streaming service. This is the latest new Netflix series to be canceled after one season, following a recent run that includes First murder, 1899, and The midnight club. The series is co-created by Darren Star, who is also behind the popular Netflix series Emily in Parislike Modern familyis Jeffrey Richman.

According to recent reports, there was speculation late last year that Uncoupled would be canceled from Netflix, with series producer MTV Entertainment Studios trying to buy it into a new home. Apparently, those new homes included Paramount Global’s Showtime, but those talks ultimately fell through.

What’s Disconnected as regards?

In Disconnected, Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) thought his life was perfect until his husband blindsided him by walking out the door after 17 years. Overnight, Michael must face two nightmares: he loses what he thought was his soulmate and suddenly finds himself a single gay man in his mid-40s in New York City. The series also starred Tisha Campbell, Brooks Ashmanskas, Emerson Brooks and Marcia Gay Harden.

“Certainly, there are a lot of gay people watching Sex and the city and related to those characters. And I think in the same way that women, straight men are going to look at these characters and hopefully be able to relate to their emotional experiences and find that they’re no different than their own,” Star explained. in an earlier interview with Weekly entertainment. “We wanted the show to feel very universal. We wanted it to be a human story that would appeal to a very wide audience, because everyone has experienced being on opposite sides of a rift at some point.”

“And we also knew several real long-term gay couples where this very specific implosion of their relationship happened,” Richman added. “I know a lot of Michaels who were so blindsided. That hasn’t been my personal experience, but I’ve definitely broken up with me and I’ve had broken relationships, but there’s also a part of your imagination… Where would you go if that happened, how would I proceed? How would I wake up in the morning? Then you talk to someone who actually happened to it, and they tell you how they did it. They walk into a cubicle at work and just cry, but they go to work every day. Life doesn’t just stop when something like this happens.”

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