Nerf LMTD Halo Needler Blaster is 31% off for Black Friday

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At last year’s Pulse Con 2021 event, Hasbro unveiled a new Nerf baster based on the iconic Needler from the Halo video game series. A Microshots version of the Needler was previously launched, but the new version joins their LMTD lineup alongside premium blasters such as the Aliens 35 Anniversary M41-A Blaster and The Mandalorian Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster. After a long wait, the Nert Needler launched earlier this month and has gone straight on sale as part of Amazon’s Black Friday 2022 deals event. Until the end of the day today, November 25 (or until they sell out) is the Needler in stock and shipping now here on Amazon for $69.49 (31% off). The deal is part of a larger Amazon Black Friday sale on Nerf blasters you can shop here.

If you’re not familiar, Nerf’s LMTD line is focused on providing high-quality blasters based on iconic weapons from popular movies and video games. Needless to say, there are few video game weapons more iconic than Halo’s Needler. Features of the new battery-operated blaster (6AA) include a 10-dart Nerf Elite drum, flexible needles that light up when you grab the handle. When you fire the darts, the needles darken to simulate the weapon in play.

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Other Halo merchandise news: Microsoft recently released a 24 Volt Halo Warthog Ride-On, available to order online now here at Walmart (exclusive) for $498. It’s every Halo fan’s dream come true, but only the smallest fans will get to really enjoy it.

The Warthog features a top speed of 15 km/h, rotating Gauss cannon with lights, starter motor and blaster sounds, “The Weapon” voice commands, 3 modes (Full Health, Caution and Critical) removable fuel tanks, a laser cannon that rotates 30 degrees, working headlights, rugged all-terrain wheels and room for two. The laser blaster is even part of a Laser Tag system with a Laser Tag vest.

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