NBC Exec is playing coy about possible reboot

An NBC executive is playing coy about a potential reboot of The office. As it stands, the beloved sitcom is one of the most popular shows on the streamer. Susan Rovner, President of Entertainment Content at NBCUniversal TV and Streaming chimed in THRTV’s Top 5 podcast to discuss the future of The office. She objected: “Whatever Greg Daniels wants to do, I’m ready with open arms.” Way back in 2019, NBC Universal spent over $500 million bringing the Steve Carrell series to Peacock. That investment paid off as lucrative deals to secure the Olympics, and NFL games helped boost the service.

Along with those live events, shows like The office also play a key role. Belair has been a huge hit and there is also fare like Poker face quickly gaining new fans. But some people want that sweet nostalgia of seeing new episodes with their favorites. “It is my hope and goal that we do an Office reboot… The Office will be back with us in January 2021,” NBC President of Digital Enterprises Bonnie Hammer said in 2019. “I hope we can find out what those great reboot would be. We’re talking.”

The office has become a streaming juggernaut

Not too long ago, John Krasinski spoke to WIRED about how he thought the show wouldn’t be a success. Even in the early days, the public feared the worst. The first batch of episodes was so fun but also different, the actor felt like he’d be back at the waiting tables in no time

“I should say my favourite Office episode was “Diversity Day,” it was technically the second episode, but it was the first episode of us. Meaning the pilot was a direct copy of the British show, the entire script was the exact pilot of the British show,” the actor said. So ‘Diversity Day’ was the first episode that was ours and ours alone and I’ll never forget that because I was in that room I wasn’t just the most unprofessional actor because I laughed at everything that happened and I totally threw the “being in a documentary” thing [concept]’ out the window I was like, ‘No, I’m going to laugh at everything, all these people do.'”

He added: “But I remember feeling in the room and looking around at all these people thinking no one would watch the show, and we still didn’t think anyone would watch the show, but I said : “This is going to be one of the funniest things ever shot on television. Too bad no one will see it because who knows where this show will go.” And I went back to waiting tables, true story, after we taped the first four episodes, I was like, ‘Best thing I’ve ever done, no one will see,’ and I signed up again to wait tables.

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