Naruto marks the new year by having Sasuke fight a literal dinosaur: look

Looks like it’s finally happened, Naruto fans. Over the decades, the shonen franchise has done some wild things, and we can list some of Naruto’s most bizarre happenings. From his Drunken Fist Style to Robot Naruto, the IP has gone on the run before and Boruto just joined the club. After all, the anime’s take on Sasuke’s Story has begun, and it just showed the Uchiha heir fighting a literal dinosaur.

Yes, you read that right. Dinosaurs are canon in Naruto, and they’re actually pretty nasty beasts.

The whole thing went live when Boruto returned in the new year with his first episode. It was there that Sasuke’s story began, and the long-awaited adaptation wasted no time. Fans united with Sasuke in prison as the hero went undercover to find a cure for Naruto’s mysterious illness. But while searching for clues, Sasuke came face to face with a velociraptor.

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As you can see above, the two fought at the end of Boruto’s last episode, and the whole premise is wild. The Velociraptor surprises Sasuke, which is fair, quite frankly. The two battle with their agility on the line, but Sasuke is victorious after bringing a kunai to the dinosaur. The beast flees after the attack, but when we see it afterwards, it appears that the Velociraptor has not taken any damage.

It is clear that there is more to the prison than Sasuke expected, but he will have to deal with the dinosaur in order to save Naruto. Now the question remains what other beasts might appear in this arc? Sasuke has more to discover, so it’s entirely possible the Uchiha could find a T-Rex or worse.

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