Naruto Debuts Divine New Otsutsuki Villain

Naruto’s anime has left the Kara organization behind for now, exploring original stories that never took place in the pages of the Shonen manga. However, the story released in Weekly Shonen Jump is neck-deep in the lore of the Otsutsuki, the celestial ninjas who helped form the Kara Organization, and it seems as if a terrifying new member has been introduced who may be the most powerful ninja is ever introduced. . Aside from his strength, the new Otsutsuki member plays a heavy role in helping to create the ninja world.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Chapter 75, you might want to steer clear as we’re diving into spoiler territory.

As he sorts through Amado’s brain when it comes to what he knows about the alien ninja race, while also revealing how he came to ally with Jigen prior to the former head of Kara’s demise, the nefarious group’s former head of research and development spills the beans on what is arguably the most powerful being in the Naruto universe:

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“Their abilities were brought about by a God. Someone who actually evolved into a divine being, Otsutsuki Shibai. Don’t worry, he is no longer with us. All that exists are his remains. Remember what I told you? about how the Chakra fruit that comes from absorbing all life on a planet is a mass of colossal energy and genetic information? And that the Otsutsuki are a species that evolves by devouring those fruits? By repeatedly experiencing karmic resurrection? undergone, Shibai cheated death, devoured many fruits over several millennia, and finally cumulative evolution led to divinity.”

Amado then explains how powerful Shibai really was by breaking down some of the feats he could presumably perform:

“Shibai’s various skills were quite incredible. It is said that he did not have to weave signs like ninjutsu. He generated storms with a wave of his hand and summoned thunderbolts with only an angry roar.”

The scientist then explains that he was able to transfer abilities created by Shibai to members of the Kara organization, and while Shibai has not appeared in any of the three series about Konoha’s ninjas, this final chapter seems to be to be sure. a strong hint to his return.

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