Mysteries surrounding Gal Costa’s death spark revolt among friends and fans; widow of the artist

Producer questioned the fact that the singer was buried in São Paulo and not with her mother in Rio de Janeiro; Lúcia Veríssimo and several fans also expressed their views on the matter

Play/Instagram/galcostaGal Costa died on November 9 at the age of 77, the cause was not disclosed.

The death of Gal Costa still intrigues friends and fans of the singer, because the family chose not to disclose the cause of death and to bury the artist in São Paulo and not in Rio de Janeiro – the place where the singer’s mother was buried. Baby🇧🇷 The producer and singer Paulino Lima, who was a friend of Gal and worked with her, aired on social networks and received support from fans: “Gal Costa bought an eternal tomb in the São João Batista cemetery in Rio de Janeiro, when his mother died. This cemetery contains the burials of Carmen Miranda, Ary Barroso, Dorival Caymmi, Vinicius de Moraes, Cazuza, Glauber and Anecy Rocha, members of the Brazilian Academy and most of our country’s great artists and personalities. Gal, as intuitive as she was, she must have seen it coming. It is not fair that she is buried in a tomb that is not her own and that her fans and friends come to pay tribute and say goodbye. Why is all this happening? Who wants to erase and hide this loved one by so many? What’s behind all this?”

“Everything was very strange, from the news of the death to the funeral,” said one fan. “Wilma has to explain this because the decision to bury Gal in São Paulo was hers,” wrote another. “No mention is made of Gal’s final moments, if he had changed his mind on these issues in recent days. Nothing is said about causes of death, about the wake, the farewell. Everything is very vague, cold… the fans need the wink from Gal’s family… how does a singer of this caliber go away like that?” added another. Wilma Petrollo, the singer’s widow, countered the producer: “Paulo, you don’t know anything”. She also sent a message to fans of the artist who made her mark on Brazilian popular music: “This Paulo man has not lived with Gal for over 40 years. The actress Lucy Verissimo, the singer’s ex-girlfriend, was tagged by someone in Paulinho’s post, showing that she shares the fans’ outrage: “I am thoughtful. It can leave. All in due time. It is difficult. But we’re moving in the right direction. Trust”. Gal died at the age of 77 on November 9. The singer was recovering from a removal of a nodule from the nasal cavity, but it has not been disclosed whether the death is related.

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