My Hero Academia Unites Deku and Bakugo in Volume 37 Cover Art

If there’s one thing My Hero Academia does best, it’s raising the bar. Since its debut, the shonen series has been a fan favorite, surprising readers time and time again. From secret identities to deaths and more, creator Kohei Horikoshi has used his art to paint a vibrant world. And now the artist has used the pen to unite Bakugo and Deku in some stunning cover art.

Be warned about this one. The cover art for My Hero Academia volume 37 is a major spoiler. Only read on if you are up to date with the manga!

You can view the art for yourself below. The official Twitter for My Hero Academia unleashed the art earlier today. The volume has a very dark cover filled with red and black tones. In the center you can see Izuku in all his power, and the One For All heir is shown with Bakugo on his lap.

After all, the latter is not doing so well. Bakugo may even be dead in this shot. The hero is covered in blood from his face to his chest. We see the wounds Shigaraki left in color, and to be honest, they are bad. There is no easy way to describe Bakugo’s state, because it should have killed him. The only reason he’s kicking the manga is because of Edgeshot, and there’s still no promise that Bakugo will make it.

Soon Volume 37 will go live in Japan, and it will contain all sorts of goodies for fans. Some, of course, are about Deku and his best friend’s role in the war. Toga may have distracted Deku for a hot minute, but now he’s determined to take down All For One. And as for Bakugo, we just want the kid to survive this final act.

What do you think of this latest installment of the My Hero Academia cover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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