My Hero Academia theory teases how the war will end

My Hero Academia is in its final stages, which means that theories for the series are rampant. We still have tons of questions about the series and of course it’s hard to imagine how All For One could be taken down. The villain is scary enough without his army and Shigaraki backing him up. But thanks to a new chapter, a new theory has come to light suggesting that the final blow of war won’t be physical.

No, it sounds like the war could solve itself thanks to a simple, underestimated truth. Detective Tsukauchi reminded the world of the fact in My Hero Academia chapter 378and it is one that could change society for the better.

The whole thing came to light when the officer led Gentle and Lady Nagant back to battle. Despite the couple’s history, they were allowed to go to war to aid the heroes after Izuku helped them forge a new path. The boy saved the two by extending a hand to them that society never offered. And in doing so, Izuku taught Tsukauchi a lesson that could win them the war.

“A crime is a crime and we can’t erase the past, but it’s not always a lost cause,” the man shares. “No matter how far they’ve fallen, every villain is still human. their starting point – their origin.”

All Might shared those words with the officer, and of course we’ve seen Izuku live them over and over again. His desire to save villains, even as nasty as Shigaraki, shows that empathy can bring this war to an end. Sentiment itself does nothing, but as we see with Gentle and Nagant, they were moved to act after being rescued. By helping the heroes, the villains prove they can be redeemed, and that could inspire many of All For One’s lukewarm soldiers to turn their backs. And when that happens, well – it would make it a lot easier for Izuku to punch the living daylights out of All For One.

Do you think My Hero Academia just found the way to end its war…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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