My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 15 Stills Released

Things are getting more and more exciting with My Hero Academia. Not long ago, the show returned from its holiday hiatus and season six proved that things went from bad to worse in Japan. Despite having a victory, our pro heroes are in great pain after their attack on Shigaraki. Now the bad guys are about to launch a new mission, and we got our first look at it thanks to a new set of photos.

As you can see below, My Hero Academia season six has dropped the first pictures from episode 15. There we can preview “Tartarus”, and the name alone should raise the alarm. After all, the prison houses All For One, and we’re sure the villain is eager to free himself now that Shigaraki is awake.

In the photos above you can see several photos from prison, none of which are good for our pros. We see workers in Tartarus looking very frightened as a red alert goes off for them, but that’s not all. In another shot we see a smiling All For One while another focuses on Muscular. It seems the behemoth is about to escape Tartarus, and it will be up to Izuku to defeat the deranged assassin once more.

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Of course, there’s more to “Tartarus” than his grand prison break. The anime is still working through the effects of the season six raid. We can see Shoto lying in the hospital at one point, while another focuses on Aizawa’s devastating injuries. Another pair of photos were also shared, focusing on Izuku and Bakugo. But given how the first one looks, it might take a while for Deku to wake up.

What do you think of this look at season six of My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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