My Hero Academia reaffirms that Aizawa can handle all the might in a fight

In the final episode of My Hero Academia, Aizawa came into Shigaraki’s crosshairs, with the young villain inheriting All For One’s power and the UA Academy doing everything they can to ensure that the crime fighters live to fight another day and prevent Hero Society from falling apart at the seams. As Shigaraki holds the same power as Toshinori Yagi in the psychic liberation war, the recent episode shows why Eraserhead would be the victor if these two heroes came to blows.

All Might and Eraserhead grew up in two very different worlds, with the former routinely regarded as a great, kindly hero as he faced every battle and emergency with a smile, putting civilians at ease and earning him his title as the “Symbol of Peace”. yielded. Before All Might’s Superman, Eraserhead was his Batman, acting as a vigilante for some time in his career, operating from the shadows and using his Quirk erase powers for the benefit of Hero Society. While Aizawa has no super strength or speed at his fingertips, his powers make and the skills he’s learned as a vigilante patrolling the city skyline make him a worthy adversary to any character, let alone All Might.

My hero Eraserhead

A Twitter user highlighted Eraserhead’s recent exceptionalism from the latest episode of My Hero Academiawhere the heroes all teamed up to fight against Shigaraki, with Aizawa playing the main role in stopping the new user of All For One from accessing his many powers:

Despite All Might’s wild power and speed, Aizawa is no slouch, and the Class 1-A teacher’s agility, mastery of his “wraps”, and most importantly, the ability to prevent All Might from using his full power should make him help one win. While Eraserhead may have the abilities to win this battle, the fight against Shigaraki is something else entirely, as the villain’s body is made at the same level as All Might’s, meaning Aizawa’s Quirk only prevents him from accessing to its power of decay along with the other tricks All For One has up its sleeve.

Do you think Aizawa would beat All Might in a one-on-one fight? Let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to tell us all about comics, anime and the world of UA Academy.

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