My Hero Academia kills Major Hero in War Fallout

The sixth season of My Hero Academia is back and while the psychic war of liberation may have come to an end with the heroes’ victory against Shigaraki and his troops, the consequences of the mass brawl have changed Hero Society forever. As heroes young and old work to ensure civilians are saved from the collateral damage, Class 1-A must now mourn an important character who sadly passed away thanks to their battle against the villains.

Warning. If you watch the premiere episode of My Hero Academias Sixth Season Second Cours, be warned we’re about to enter major spoiler territory.

While all of the Class 1-A students somehow managed to escape the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front with their lives, it seems that one of their teachers was unable to do the same. The UA Academy teacher, Midnight, seems to be playing off screen and has died. The last time we saw the seductive superhero, she was watching a bunch of adversaries approach her. While we couldn’t see Midnight kicking the bucket, a handful of Class 1-A students were able to get on her body, unable to hold back their tears.

Midnight Hero Academy

(Photo: Studio Botten)

Midnight wasn’t the only adult superhero to die battling the villains, it seems, as the lesser-known “Majestic” was also noted to die in the brawl over the fate of Hero Society. With Shigaraki’s awakening assassinations of top heroes like Crush and X-Less, the final episode also saw some heroes decide that despite the damage done by the villains, they should get a new job and retire from the hero. game at all.

With citizens questioning the heroes’ ability to protect them, along with their trustworthiness after the big revelations of Dabi as the son of Endeavour, Deku will have to step it up when it comes to holding society together. With a much darker appearance in the new credits of the second half of season six, “Dark Deku” is preparing to appear in the anime adaptation.

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