My Hero Academia just modified the manga’s saddest scene: look

My Hero Academia debuted in season six last year and all eyes were on our heroes as war broke out. Despite a solid lead, the heroes saw their attack on Shigaraki go awry, and their narrow victory came at a great cost. This week we learned just how high the cost was, and it all culminated in the anime adapting the manga’s saddest scene yet.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers for season six of My Hero Academia below. Read carefully!

If you’ve watched the latest episode of My Hero Academia, you know it ends with a whimper. The mid-season premiere kicks off with a hefty recap, but when it comes to the raid’s aftermath, things go from bad to worse. Not only do we get to see Ochaco witness a mass death firsthand, but her classmates must also find the bodies of some beloved pros.

The first body found is Midnight’s and the teacher’s death is hard to swallow. Mina and Kirishima are incredibly distraught as they cry with Momo by their side. The acting in this scene is hard to watch given how raw it feels, and Midnight’s death is just the beginning. It’s not long before the rest of the students find Majestic’s body, leaving the collective classes in mourning.

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Sure, these deaths were telegraphed years ago by the manga, but the anime brought them to life in the most disturbing way. And to make matters worse, things only get worse for our heroes from here. Shigaraki escaped the attack with his generals and they seem determined to free All For One. With Izuku down, there’s no one to stand in the man’s way, and that means things will get worse for our heroes before they get better.

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