My Hero Academia highlights Kurogiri’s new look in Wicked Cover Art

My Hero Academia has been paying a lot of attention to Kurogiri lately, as the war between the heroes and villains reaches a major turning point with the latest chapters, and the cover art for the latest release has fully emphasized this with a wicked take on the villain’s new look! The final war has reached a major deadlock as the villains now focus their efforts on freeing Kurogiri from the clutches of the heroes in order to use the villain’s warping power to lead the war back in their direction. But it’s been just as complicated as you’d expect.

Kurogiri was the focus of both Spinner and Present Mic’s efforts as the previous chapter came to a close when Spinner wanted to contact Kurogiri to activate him and help Tomura Shigaraki, but Present Mic tried to call on his former friend Oboro. Shirakumo. Hoping that his friend was still somewhere deep inside his now Nomu body, the previous chapter saw Kurogiri shed more than ever. This was reflected in the album cover for it My Hero Academia Chapter 373, and you can watch it below:

What happens to Kurogiri in chapter 373?

The latest chapter of the series begins shortly after Spinner and Present Mic yell at Kurogiri to try to activate him in any way, but the chase for the villain continues as it is revealed that neither of them have been able to get him to this point. to achieve. . Spinner, despite losing control of his body after his use of All For One’s implanted powers in the previous chapters, ends up in Kurogiri first to remind the villain that he works for Shigaraki.

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As the chapter draws to a close, more of the mist inside Kurogiri’s body begins to fade as Shirakumo’s body begins to show even more underneath. That’s what’s emphasized with the cover art for the chapter itself, as Kurogiri sheds that darkness and becomes a new version of himself, and now it’s just a matter of seeing what the villain is going to do now that he’s fully returned to the fight.

What do you think of Kurogiri’s new Shirakumo-inspired look? What do you think the bad guy will do in the next war? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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