My Hero Academia gives Red Riot its season six MVP moment

Season six’s great battle involves Shigaraki awakening from the experiments conducted by Dr. Garaki, the mad scientist employed by All For One who has made the young villain the perfect heir to the great villain. This isn’t the only battle taking place in this latest installment of My Hero Academia, as Gigantomachia, the larger-than-life villain, fights his way to his new master, with the heroes of Class 1-A doing their best in this titanic tussle Fortunately, Red Riot has reappeared on the record.

Kirishima, aka the young UA Academy student known as Red Riot, really showed his thing during season four, battling Overhaul’s henchmen and throwing himself way above his weight class in a fight, going all out on everything turned to his current sensei, thick gum. With Creati in charge in an attempt to stop Gigantomachi’s rampage, Mina Ashido gets a chance to throw a container of sedatives into the behemoth’s mouth, but sadly stops. In an earlier flashback, it was revealed that Alien Queen had previously encountered Gigantomachia, with the great villain searching for All For One and scaring the Class 1-A student in the process, long before she entered the actual UA Academy.

Red Riot, MVP

Kirishima came in to not only finish the job of making sure Gigantomachi soaked up the sedative, but also used his hardening Quirk to shield Ashido from a blow that would most likely have killed her. Red Riot blasts through Dabi’s flames, once again showing that while he may not have had as many fights as Deku, he’s still a shining star in the ranks of UA Academy.

The Paranormal Liberation War has already taken some major casualties in this battle for supremacy between heroes and villains, with the League of Villains losing Twice and the heroes losing numerous crimefighters due to Shigaraki’s decrepit Quirk. Rest assured, before this season comes to a close there will be more death and destruction from this conflict.

What did you think of Red Riot’s MVP moment in this latest episode? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of UA Academy.

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