My Hero Academia Flashback proves that Gentle was born to be a hero

My Hero Academia now brings back some familiar faces to aid the heroes in the final war against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, and a flashback in the latest chapter of the series proves that Gentle Criminal was born to be a hero! When Gentle was first introduced to the series during the events of the Culture Festival arc, he was immediately a very different foe than Izuku Midoriya had ever faced. Since he originally wanted to use his powers to help people before he got into the system, it’s been a while since we’d seen him since he turned himself in to the authorities.

The latest chapter of the series continues with UA Academy’s fall from the sky as Shigaraki prepares for his next major attack, and the entire school is suddenly revealed to have been saved thanks to Gentle’s quirk. It turns out that he has since been recruited by the police to help the heroes, as a flashback reveals that during All For One’s various escapes, Gentle made sure none of the other inmates escaped from the facility he was in.

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How Gentle was born to be a hero in My Hero Academia

Chapter 378 of My Hero Academia reveals that Gentle was imprisoned in Mikuzu Prison during All For One’s break-in into Tartarus and the other prisons. While the other prisoners wanted to escape and cause chaos, Gentle wanted to do the opposite, hoping that after the events of the Culture Festival, he could turn his life around. Soon, Detective Tsukauchi discovers that Gentle had captured all the inmates from his facility.

Since Mikuzu was the only prison where no prisoners had escaped, Gentle wanted to see La Brava again and serve others from then on. Just as he had tried all those years ago, Gentle had only wanted to use his strength to help. More inspired by Izuku’s words to him at the time, he now helps Izuku when he needs it most by using his quirk to make sure UA stays in the air for as long as possible.

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