My Hero Academia Cosplay Shows Off Shigaraki’s Terrifying Season 6 Makeover

My Hero Academia introduced a much scarier version of Tomura Shigaraki into the anime with Season 6 of the series, and a terrifying cosplay helps show just how terrifying the villain really is by bringing him to life! The ending of the fifth season teased that Shigaraki would undergo some kind of transformation to fully absorb All For One’s power, and as fans have seen in the first few episodes of the sixth season so far, Shigaraki really is a much different monster than he has ever been seen before in the series.

Shigaraki has spent the first few episodes of Season 6 demonstrating all the powerful new abilities at his disposal, even with the incomplete transformation, and things only get worse for the heroes as Shigaraki gets to grips with his new body in the heat of the moment. conflict. . This evolution is sure to only continue from this point on and artist @sailorkayla on TikTok helps show why Shigaraki is now much scarier than ever in the anime with a perfect cosplay! See:


THE VIBRATION OF DESTRUCTION #shigaraki #tomurashigaraki #myheroacademia

♬ dumb dumb – accelerated – mazie

How to watch My Hero Academia season 6

My Hero Academia is now airing the latest episodes of Season 6 as part of its Fall 2022 anime schedule, and the last entry has passed halfway through the first arc of the season, Paranormal Liberation Front War. Things only get more intense from this point on as the scope of combat gets even more deadly, so now’s the perfect time to catch up with the anime before it kicks off even bigger events in the climax of the war against Shigaraki!

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If you wanted to do that, you can find it now My Hero AcademiaStream the latest episodes with Crunchyroll. The first five seasons (along with their English-dubbed releases) are also now streaming with the service if you need to start from scratch, and the manga version is available and releases new chapters weekly through Viz Media’s Shonen Jump digital library. That’s if you want to read ahead to see what’s coming to the anime next.

What do you think of the new version of Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Season 6 so far? Let us know all your thoughts on it and everything about anime in the comments!

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