My Hero Academia Cliffhanger kicks off Lady Nagant’s Redemption Arc

My Hero Academia begins to bring some familiar faces back into the fold as the final phase of the final war between the heroes and villains kicks into high gear, and the cliffhanger from the latest chapter has brought Lady Nagant back into the action by starting her redemption arc ! When the Final Act first began and Izuku Midoriya took it upon himself to capture as many of the escaped Tartarus prisoners as possible, he encountered the first of All For One’s assassins, Lady Nagant. This foe quickly became a hit with fans due to the number of layers she had beneath the surface.

When we last saw Lady Nagant, she was already doing better as fighting Deku helped her see the true value of heroes. It has already been suggested that due to the nature of her role with the Public Safety Commission in the past and her lack of deadly force against Deku in the beginning, there could be redemption for her later on. Now the moment has come when she has made a big save with the final moments of the latest chapter of the series.

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How does My Hero Academia redeem Lady Nagant?

Chapter 378 of My Hero Academia sees Tomura Shigaraki getting ready for his next use of Decay now that he has temporarily regained control of his body from All For One. Deku is still exhausted from using his Gearshift quirk in his first attempt to take out the villain, and so is unable to move fast enough to prevent Shigaraki from destroying the entire UA Academy base as it falls from the sky. But before he can make contact with it, Nagant actually shoots his hand from afar.

It is revealed that she is positioned far from the scene of the battle, but was able to quickly save Deku when he needed the help the most. It is revealed that Tsukauchi and the police have contacted some of the villains they previously imprisoned as allies, in this case because they are human first after all. Nagant is especially one of them, because while she was labeled a villain for the way she ended her time on the Public Safety Commission, she’s also someone who got caught up in the broken hero system.

It’s not exactly a path to redemption, but a path to enabling her to shake off that horrible label and the horrible things she’s been through in the past. But what do you hope to see from Lady Nagant’s return to action? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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