My Hero Academia Art imagines a world where Izuku switched sides with Shigaraki

My Hero Academia has brought rivals Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki much closer together as the series enters its most drastic and decisive times of war between heroes and villains. In fact, My Hero Academia Season 6 has hit fans with powerful imagery in the episodes and final opening credits – imagery hinting at a previously unknown space for conflict between Tomura Shigaraki and his mentor, the nemesis All For One.

There’s a whole discussion about that My Hero Academia which is dedicated to the debate over who Izuku Midoriya and Shigaraki (real name: Tenko Shimura) would have become if they had each ended up under the wing of different mentors. Now a piece My Hero Academia artwork depicts the version of the story where Deku ended up being the potential successor to evil incarnate, and Shigaraki ended up becoming the greatest hope of heroism!

This artwork by illustrator @Myu060309 isn’t just aesthetically amazing (which it certainly is): the level of detail in the image is so good it could inspire a whole wave of fan wishes that this What If?/Elseworlds alternate universe fantasy be explored in a real manga and/or anime storyline.

Tenko – This artwork shows what kind of hero Tenko Shimura would have become, as the heir to One For All. Tenko’s outfit was clearly inspired by his grandmother, Nana Shimura, the seventh user of OFA, who served as a mentor to All Might. Like All Might, this heroic version of Tenko expresses his love for Nana by paying homage to wearing a cape styled after Nana’s.

Izuku – This version of All For One’s protégé Izuku Midoriya is a perfect mix of what Tomura Shigaraki became under the influence of All For One, and who Izuku became during his “Dark Deku” arc – which is exactly the main season 6B of the anime is about to cover. Deku Shigaraki has the correct dark cloak covering him and the trademark white hair. What’s more difficult to explain is why a version of Izuku under the influence of AFO would still have to wear the same glove/boot support items that were meant to help him deal with the level of power and damage to his body during the using One For All.

Those minor criticisms aside, this is such a great job – to the point that (like we said) we wouldn’t be mad if this sequence actually appeared in the series… one way or another.

UP NEXT: How the My Hero Academia anime can better adapt the “Dark Deku” arc

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