Must become electric within eight years – report

Must become electric within eight years - report

Chinese SUV brand Haval is set to enter a transition period that will phase out production of internal combustion engine cars by the end of this decade.

Haval announced it Stop selling petrol-powered models by 2030.

At a media event this week, Haval — the SUV brand of Chinese giant GWM — announced it would stop selling its internal combustion engine cars by the end of the decade and move to electric vehicles in the coming years.

According to Chinese website NetEaseHaval General Manager Li Xiaorui announced that the company’s electrified models are expected to account for 80 percent of sales by 2025.

The announcement came at the debut of the H6 Hybrid in Beijing, when Haval announced that its “New Energy” plan for the next eight years includes a transition to a mix of plug-in hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles becomes.

“Chinese auto companies are opening up an opportunity unseen in centuries,” said GWM President Mu Feng at the event.

“Today begins a new journey for the Haval SUV with the release of Haval ‘New Energy’ [as] king,” he said.

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