Murilo Rosa says woman caught naked photos of fans on her mobile phone: ‘Directly is great’

Actor gave details of the occasion when model Fernanda Tavares found photos of naked admirers on her social networks: ‘Always has been’

Play/Instagram/@murilorosa_oficialMurilo Rosa is married to model Fernanda Tavares

The actor Murillo Rosa said he receives unexpected messages from fans on the internet. Married to the model Fernanda Tavareshe said in an interview with the podcast “Papagaio Falante”, that some admirers regularly use social networks to promote him nudes. Once, Tavares caught the message on his cell phone. “There was one time when she went through my phone. She was never one to pick up the phone, spit and look. You show the video playing on YouTube and that little message comes. There was one time when she saw…” he said. “Instant is crazy, you get it… She doesn’t see these things, but she always has them. Always had several. But I’m not one to say, “Look, honey, what I got.” She saw something like that, there was nothing written on it, there was only a picture. I explained to her. She knows she has fans, that people send and send,” he clarified. Murilo Rosa has been in a relationship with Fernanda Tavares for over 10 years. The internationally renowned model has already been the face of luxury brands such as Versace and Louis Vuitton.

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