Mother’s illness nearly stopped Austin Butler from his career

The actor Austin Butlerwho won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for his performance in elvis, revealed that he wondered if he would continue his career after his mother passed away. Butler was just 20 years old at the time and was no longer sure whether acting was indeed a “noble profession”, in his words.

Now 31 years old, he is also being tipped for an Oscar nomination after playing the king of rock in the critically acclaimed film. The actor started his career as a child on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. He then went on to do teen dramas until he opened on Broadway in 2018.

“I started about 12 years old. I just found an extra job. I was an incredibly shy kid,” he recalled in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via Mirror).

“If that boy knew that I was now sitting with all my heroes and speaking in public like that, he wouldn’t believe it. But when I was around other actors, I suddenly felt like I had found my tribe.

“I started wanting to be around other people. My mom saw that in me, and I owe her everything because she quit her job and took me to auditions and acting classes,” he said.

Austin Butler in a scene from Elvis (Handout/Warner Bros)

The death of Austin Butler’s mother made him rethink the profession

The actor revealed that when his mother passed away in 2013, he had never experienced such pain. Living with health workers, who fought to save his mother’s life, made him question whether acting was really a noble profession.

“I started to have doubts. Suddenly I was around doctors and people who suffered a lot in hospitals and I thought, ‘Is acting a noble profession? Do I have to do this or do I have to commit myself in some way to helping people who are dealing with cancer or whatever?’”

He then went to New Zealand to shoot a television show aimed at young people, but he still cried every night thinking about his mother.

“I was dealing with the pain, but it was also this feeling of not being aligned with something that felt really rewarding,” he said.

“I’m done with that program [The Carrie Diaries]one time they canceled it after two seasons, and I said, ‘I’d rather not work as an actor than do something like that again.

Austin Butler

Butler almost quit acting

Around the age of 24, the actor decided to “take a break” from the profession, but he fell into a depression that lasted about eight months. He later auditioned for a revival of the play. The iceman is cominggot the role and described it as the moment that changed his career.

Now, having played Elvis Presley, he has seen his career take new paths as he has been elevated to the category of an international star.

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