Mortal Kombat is one of several movies leaving HBO Max in December

More titles will leave HBO Max in the coming weeks, but not because of budget cuts or tax breaks. Each month, streaming services add and drop several titles due to their existing streaming deals. December is no exception to that rule as HBO Max both wins and loses movies and shows throughout the month. One of the exciting movies is the Mortal Kombat reboot, which debuted on HBO Max last year on the same day it hit theaters.

Mortal Kombat will leave HBO Max on December 8, and there’s no word on which streaming service it will head to next. Other exciting titles include Bend it like Beckham, Real steel, Romance of the stone, To live, Monster balland quite a few others.

Here’s the full list of titles leaving HBO Max in December:

December 8
Mortal Kombat2021 (HBO)
December 13th
Spark: A space tail2016 (HBO)
December 29
Those who wish me dead2021 (HBO)
December 31
12 laps2009 (unclassified) (HBO)
12 rounds 2 reload2013 (HBO)
2 guns2013 (HBO)
Some kind of murder2016 (HBO)
A perfect planet
A simple plan1998 (HBO)
Against the ropes2004 (HBO)
Arbitration2012 (HBO)
Babylon AD2008 (HBO)
Pick up luggage2013 (HBO)
Bend it like Beckham2002 (HBO)
Blue Planet II
Blue planet: seas of life
Bringing out the dead1999 (HBO)
Collision course1989 (HBO)
Damien Omen II1978 (HBO)
damsel2018 (HBO)
Periscope down1996 (HBO)
Gone with love2003 (HBO)
Dr. Dolittle: Tail To The Chief2008 (HBO)
extraction2015 (HBO)
Frozen planet
Fast and furious 62013 (HBO)
Haarlem nights1989
Headquarters1985 (HBO)
Highlander1986 (HBO)
Joyful noise2012
To live1999
Life story1987
Little monsters1989 (HBO)
Losing Isaiah1995 (HBO)
Monster ball2001 (not rated)
The great events of nature
Strange jobs1986 (HBO)
Omen IV: The awakening1991 (HBO)
Planet Earth
Planet Earth II
Real steel2011
Ricochet1991 (HBO)
Rocket science2007 (HBO)
Romance the stone1984
Sabotage2014 (HBO)
Serengeti II
Seven worlds, one planet
Space Chimpanzees2010 (HBO)
Space Chimps 2: Zartog strikes back2010 (HBO)
Starter for 102006 (HBO)
Sweet Dreams1985 (HBO)
Switch1991 (HBO)
That awkward momentt, 2014 (HBO)
The chosen one1981 (HBO)
The Clearance2004 (HBO)
the counselor2013 (extended version) (HBO)
The last conflict1981 (HBO)
The flight of the phoenix1965
The Hitcher1986 (HBO)
The hunt2020
The jewel of the Nile1985
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenn, 2003HBO
The mating game
The omen2006 (HBO)
The order2003 (HBO)
The end of the world2013 (HBO)
The X-Files: I want to believe2008 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
Thor: Tales of Asgard2011 (HBO)
Thoroughbreds2017 (HBO)

Are you disappointed that any of these titles are leaving HBO Max? Will you let us know in the comments?

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