Mom of celebrity presenter reveals she dated Erasmo Carlos

The relationship took place at the time of the Jovem Guarda; singer died last Tuesday, aged 22, at the age of 81

Play/Instagram/erasmocarlosbrErasmo Carlos passed away last Tuesday at the age of 22 at the age of 81

The actress Vera Gimenezthe presenter’s mother Luciana Gimenezrevealed that he was already dating the singer Erasmo Carlos, who passed away last Tuesday at the age of 22 at the age of 81. Paying tribute to “Tremendão” on social networks, Vera spoke briefly about the relationship and was full of praise for the artist: “Erasmo left, made our music cry, now he will just sing and compose in heaven. I met him and we had a dalliance at the time of Young guard, friendly and polite, we became friends. Go in peace, friend.” The Jovem Guarda was a musical and cultural movement that emerged in the 1960s. Robert Carlos and Wanderleabecame one of the great references of that period. The singer’s last relationship was with Fernanda Aristides🇧🇷 Now that she is a widow, she has made several outbursts on social networks and in one of them she stated: “It was 12 years of meeting. I have always loved you hastily, with desperation, with pain, with blood, with tears, my love is fierce! I have prepared the house for your return. I washed the clothes, I washed the bedding and with that I lost the smell. Love, soon the fragrance! Soon I won’t be able to live without your scent! I searched desperately for where to find your breath, your sweat, the smell of your hair… Vido, you’ve waited 69 years for me… hold on! People will meet”.

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