Moacyr Franco reveals the pain he has with Bruno and Marrone; know the reason

The artist didn’t like the country duo’s attitude after giving up on a song he composed for them to record

Play/YouTube/andre.piuntiMoacyr Franco is the composer of ‘Goiás é Mais’, a song recorded by Bruno and Marrone

Actor, singer and songwriter Moacyr Franco save regrets for the singers Bruno and Marrone. The artist spoke on the subject when he commented on the song Goias is more, which was released in 1995 by the sertaneja duo. “No one knows that I am the author of this song. Nobody talks about this song. the other day Gustavo Lima sang viola. He plays very well and sang very well,” Moacyr said in an interview with Andrew Piunti YouTube. “I made this song at the request of the governor of Goiás [da época], who offered me a job directing the TV there. i [também] he would become a billboard for BEG, Banco do Estado de Goiás. Cooperation with the government of the state of Goiás did not work, but Moacyr ended up writing a song about the region.

In the same period, the composer gave an interview to a local radio station and was asked who the couples belonged to Goias he liked the most and mentioned Bruno and Marrone. The duo, owner of the hit I slept in the squarewas not yet known nationally and performed in a bar owned by João Reis, the singer’s father Cristiano Araujo. “Half an hour later [da entrevista]when I got home, Bruno and Júnior, who was his manager, were there and I played this song [Goiás é Mais] for him,” said the composer. However, the pair did not keep in touch with Moacyr afterwards and he was upset. “They never spoke to me again, impressive. Marrone was in a studio recently and sent a message,” he responded. “We are born alone and die alone, but I am in love with a friend and if I take the initiative to befriend someone and such a fraternization arises, I find it absurd that this cannot continue.”

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