MLB The Show Add 23 Legendary Players from Baseball’s Negro Leagues

MLB The Show 23 developer San Diego Studio announced today that it will add several former players from baseball’s Negro Leagues to the 2023 installment of the series. Over the past few years, MLB The Show has slowly added some of history’s iconic stars to the series , allowing players to use the greatest players in baseball history. And while these additions have so far largely ignored the extensive roster of all-time greats who played in the Negro leagues, that will no longer be true this year.

As part of a multi-year partnership with the Negro Leagues Museum, MLB The Show 23 will feature eight different players and their stories as part of a new “Storylines” mode featured in the game. Storylines allow MLB The Show players to learn more about these Negro League stars and use them in-game during key moments in their careers. Season 1 of this collaboration stars Leroy “Satchel” Paige, Jackie Robinson, Andrew “Rube” Foster, Hilton Smith, Hank Thompson, John Donaldson, Martin Dihigo, and John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil. MLB The Show 23. When MLB The Show 24 inevitably launches next year, a new wave of players from the Negro leagues will then be showcased as part of Season 2.

In short, this is a really cool move on the part of San Diego Studio and finally fulfills a request that some MLB The Show fans have had for several years. This move also helps shed light on some of the most underrated stars in baseball history who didn’t get as much attention before Jackie Robinson paved the way for integration in 1947.

If you haven’t seen last week’s announcement, MLB The Show 23 will be released next month on March 28. When it comes out, it will be playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

What are you thinking about MLB The Show 23 finally add players from the Negro Leagues? And do you plan to pick up this year’s version of the game for yourself? Let me know in the comments or give me a call on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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