Miss breaks her neck and is rushed to hospital after a serious car accident

Darcey Corria, 21, was taken to University of Wales Hospital

Play/Instagram/@darceylaurencorriaVoted Miss Wales in 2022, Darcey Corria, 21, was in a serious car accident

Elected Miss Wales in 2022, Run Darcey, aged 21, suffered a serious car accident in Bridgend, Wales and was rushed to hospital. She was admitted to the University of Wales Hospital (UHW) in Cardiff. According to the official race profile on Instagram, the model is said to have broken two bones in her neck and one in her pelvis. “Darcey receives much love and support from her family, who are assured that she is expected to make a full recovery,” the statement said. In addition, the organization of the Welsh competition said it believes in Darcey’s recovery to compete in Miss World 2023, which takes place in May. “While the accident will have an immediate impact on Darcey’s preparations for Miss World in May, we are hopeful and confident that through her own personal determination, the love and support of her family, she will still be able to fly the Welsh flag. family and the incredible team of physicians at UHW.”

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