Millennial Blood War Cliffhanger interrogates Ichigo’s mother

Ichigo Kurosaki has displayed more supernatural abilities in Bleach history than we can shake a stick at, with his status as a replacement Soul Reaper allowing him to tap into far more abilities than your typical Captain who is part of the Shinigami ranks. With the arrival of the post-Thousand Year Blood War Arc anime adaptation, it seems Ichigo is about to receive another wild power boost thanks to his mother’s mysterious past and her ties to the Quincy Clan.

Since the earliest days of Bleach, Ichigo’s mother was believed to have been killed by a random Hollow, which connected Shonen’s protagonist to the supernatural long before he had become a vicarious Soul Reaper. However, it seems there was more to Masaki’s past than meets the eye, as Yhwach spills the beans that he was paired with her while alive. While it remains somewhat mysterious as to how the head of the Sternritter knew Ichigo’s mother, it appears that she has ties to the Quincy family, possibly meaning that the current Deputy Shinigami could also be a Quincy herself. Given that Ichigo has the powers of both a Soul Reaper and an Arrancar, this would make him one of the most “Swiss Army Knife” anime characters of all time if he continued to display abilities specific to the Quincy family.

Walls Ichigo

As fans of Bleach You see, Ichigo was connected to the afterlife not only due to the loss of his mother, but also due to his father’s profession, as Isshin Kurosaki himself was a Soul Reaper and held the position of Captain within the 10th Division of the Soul Society. Even when Ichigo became a member of the Soul Society, albeit an alternate, he would only discover his father’s secret life after the Shonen hero rescued Rukia from her brother and her fellow Shinigami in one of the greatest and earliest films of all time. the series. bows.

With Isshin still alive and well in the Shonen series at this point, it shouldn’t be too surprising that he’ll have a part to play in the future of the Millennial Blood War and will certainly have plenty of revelations to share. with Ichigo as the two come face to face again.

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