Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs returns to the Discovery Channel for another season next month

Mike Rowe and his series Dirty jobs was a staple of the Discovery Channel for many years, and after several hiatuses from the network, the series returns for another season on the network featuring Rowe’s investigations into various sordid careers. From pool repair to pet mover, the new season takes Rowe on a journey to some of the jobs that not only the audience probably didn’t even know existed, but they’re some of the careers that make our lives run all the more smoothly. The new season of Dirty jobs begins Dec. 11 on the Discovery Channel.

Per press release, “Mike Rowe is returning to work for an all-new season of Dirty jobs on Sunday, December 11 at 8 p.m. ET, revealing the hard-working Americans who have found their way into some of the most extraordinary jobs that make civilized lives possible for the rest of us. Each episode of this fan-loved series celebrates the unsung heroes and the communities that rely on these essential jobs in a variety of industries ranging from construction to sanitation, manufacturing and more. And for Mike, the dirtier the job, the better this season, as he tackles them all with enthusiasm and a no-nonsense approach that the Discovery audience respects and admires.

“In the December 11 premiere of Dirty jobs, Mike travels to West Palm Beach, Florida to take up the job of Pool Liner Fixer with second generation pool repairmen Dan Duecker, Dave Duecker and Juan Pablo, who lead Mike to America’s dirtiest pool to clean 17 years of accumulated grime . Later, in Orlando, Mike takes the Hotel Soap Recycler job and meets Shawn Seipler and ‘Soap Whisperer’ Carlos Anderson to recycle dirty hotel soap to donate to those in need.

Other ‘dirty’ jobs Mike is taking on this season include:

  • Beaver Relocator – Mike travels to Utah and helps save municipal infrastructure while positively impacting local ecosystems by capturing, treating and relocating urban nuisance beavers
  • Deer Urine Farmer – In Illinois, Mike collects and bottles the freshest deer urine raised on the farm and sold to hunters. He discovers faeces of a new species of deer
  • Manhole Rehabilitator – Mike descends into an aging manhole in Tennessee to stop the sewers and provide sewer maintenance
  • Feral Cat Fixer – Mike herds cats with some truly memorable Texan cat ladies on a mission: control local feral cat populations by catching, neutering and releasing these feral furballs
  • Aquatic Necropsy – Mike helps perform a necropsy by diving elbow deep into a recently deceased bottlenose dolphin to determine the cause of the animal’s death, which will help biologists better understand the species in the wild
  • Pile Jacketer – Mike travels to Pensacola, FL to work waist-deep in a river to reinforce the crumbling infrastructure of a dilapidated bridge
  • Spice Maker – Mike returns to his hometown of Baltimore to right an OLD mistake and learn the recipe for Maryland’s most popular crab seasoning.

The new season of Dirty jobs begins Dec. 11 on the Discovery Channel.

Are you looking forward to the new season of the series? Let us know in the comments!

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