Michael Bay makes TV directorial debut with new Prime Video series

After a decades-long career in blockbuster movies, Michael Bay brings his signature “Bayhem” to television. On Tuesday, reports revealed that Bay will executive produce and direct a new untitled television series for Prime Video. The action-drama project marks Bay’s first time directing television. Created and written by TV writer Joe Barton, it’s about an American bounty hunter working south of the border who finds himself in a desperate fight for survival when the man he’s chasing gets them both in trouble with the Mexican cartel.

“I was inspired about 5 years ago when I was hanging out in Costa Rica, with a former US federal agent, surfing every day and living the good life,” Bay said of the project’s origins. “He’s supporting his fun, laid-back lifestyle in Costa Rica by tracking down ‘Bad Gringos’ hiding in South America.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Michael Bay and Amazon to bring this exciting and action-packed show to the screen,” added Barton.

What is Michael Bay’s next movie?

At this point, Bay has no feature film lined up to direct. His two most recent projects were those of 2019 6 Underground and that of 2022 Ambulance. The former film recently made headlines in an unusual way after it was revealed that Bay was allegedly accused of killing a pigeon during the film’s production in Rome, Italy. Pigeons are considered a protected species in Italy and the European Union, with the former having a national law making it illegal to harm, kill or capture wild birds. As a result, after an unnamed person who happened to be on set allegedly took a photo and reported the incident to local authorities, a lawsuit was opened.

Bay and his legal team have reportedly tried three times in the past year to get the case out of court, but have been unsuccessful. The director denies the allegations the cover’s report, saying he is “confident we will prevail when I have my day in court”.

“I am a known animal lover and a big animal activist,” Bay said in a statement to the outlet. “Not a single animal involved in the production was hurt or injured. Or any other production I’ve worked on
over the past 30 years.”

“We have clear video evidence,” Bay continued, “a large number of witnesses and security agents clearing us of these claims. And rebutting their only paparazzi photo – giving a false narrative.”

“I was given the opportunity by the Italian authorities to settle this matter by paying a small fine, but I declined to do so as I would plead not guilty to having an animal,” Bay added.

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