Michael Bay accused of killing protected animals in Italy

Michael Bay got involved in a mess in Italy during the shooting of one of his films, where he responds to a lawsuit over the death of a protected species in the country.

According to The covera 2018 incident sparked an open lawsuit against the filmmaker, who claimed he had done so caused the death of a pigeon while recording your movie Selection 6.

The artist said he had tried numerous times to close the case, and last Thursday (12) he again categorically denied the accusation:

“Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an animal lover and a huge activist for their rights. None of the animals that appeared in the production were injured or suffered any kind of damage. Not on this or any other project I’ve worked on for the past 30 years.”

6 Squadron (Disclosure)

According to authorities, a person involved in the production said the pigeon was killed by a crane in the middle of a scene. This person would have witnessed what happened and recorded it with a photo, which was sent to the Italian judiciary. The director denies this, claiming that he and the team have plenty of evidence to the contrary:

“We have clear video evidence, a large number of witnesses and security officials clearing us of these allegations. Moreover, it all ends with the ‘evidence’ of that one paparazzi photo, which tells a false story.”

Michael Bay denies agreement and prefers to decide in court: ‘I don’t take responsibility’

Five years into the process, and the director has said he is not willing to settle as the authorities want. According to him, they offered him a sum of money to close the story, but he refuses to take responsibility for something he didn’t do.

“The Italian authorities offered me a small fine as a chance to rectify the situation, but I declined, as I was not taking the blame for having an animal.”

“There is currently a trial on which I cannot go into details, but I am confident that justice will prevail if I have to go to court.”

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