MG raises prices on Australia’s cheapest electric car

MG raises prices on Australia's cheapest electric car

China’s MG ZS EV – Australia’s cheapest electric car – is now more expensive. However, the price increase varies depending on where you live.

prices for the 2023 MG ZS EV Electric cars from China are on the rise across Australia – just four months after the price cut.

MG’s website shows price increases ranging from $205 to $4140 depending on the model and the state or territory in which the vehicle is sold.

The base model ZS EV Excite is up an average of $2324 nationwide, while the average increase for the senior class is up ZS EV Essence is $1411.

In September 2022, MG lowered the prices of the ZS EV just before it was due to appear in local showrooms, with the Excite available from $44,990 drive away and the essence out $48,990 drive away by car.

For those in the Northern Territory there’s now the most affordable ZS EV Excite $46,195 Drive Awaywhile the essence has increased $49,195 drive away.

Meanwhile, eligible buyers in Western Australia will pay $49,130 ​​and $52,518 for the ride respectively.

There’s less incentive for Victorian buyers to buy a ZS EV Excite as the state government’s $3,000 subsidy for electric cars is overshadowed by MG’s $3,426 price increase.

The MG ZS EV Essence is up $2,552 in Victoria, leaving buyers $448 from the government subsidy compared to those who benefited from $48,990 drive-away prices over the past four months .

While the MG ZS EV remains the cheapest electric car for sale in Australia, the gap between it and the has been narrowed BYD Atto 3which is listed by $48,611 drive away to $52,030 drive away (Prices vary by registration and stamp duty in each state and territory).

The MG ZS EV isn’t the only model affected by higher prices – in November 2022, prices for the MG HS Plus EV plug-in hybrid rose for the fourth time in calendar year 2022, with the company citing “rising material costs” and ongoing global supply chain bottlenecks”.

2023 MG ZS EV Australian Prices

variant Condition New pickup price Old pickup price price increase
stimulate LAW $46,521 $44,990 $1531
NSW $46,709 $44,990 $1719
N.T $46,195 $44,990 $1205
QLD $47,319 $44,990 $2329
SA $47,940 $44,990 $2950
TAS $46,284 $44,990 $1294
VIC $48,416 $44,990 $3426
WA $49,130 $44,990 $4140
beings LAW $49,521 $48,990 $531
NSW $49,709 $48,990 $719
N.T $49,195 $48,990 $205
QLD $50,379 $48,990 $1389
SA $51,060 $48,990 $2070
TAS $49,284 $48,990 $294
VIC $51,542 $48,990 $2552
WA $52,518 $48,990 $3528

Drive-away prices are from MG website.

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