Mercedes-Benz EQ electric car branding to be scrapped – report

Mercedes-Benz EQ electric car branding to be scrapped - report

According to an overseas report, the EQ badge will become unnecessary if all cars in Mercedes-Benz showrooms are electric.

The EQ badge, used to distinguish electric vehicles in Mercedes-Benz showrooms, is set to be phased out within five years, according to a foreign report.

The number of EQ cars has grown rapidly over the past two years as the German luxury automaker electrifies its entire lineup.

It’s this change that will eventually make the EQ badge obsolete – because every Mercedes-Benz will be an EQ car.

The decision to potentially end the EQ badge from the end of 2024 was reported by the German news agency. Handelsblatt.

It has been claimed Mercedes-Benz insiders have shared details of the decision and timing.

A key factor was reportedly ending the confusion over the company’s model lineup.

There are currently three main sub-brands in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio – Maybach, EQ and AMG – and all have a presence in Australia.

“Our umbrella brand is currently Mercedes-Benz. Then you have Maybach, AMG and EQ,” said Mercedes-Benz Australia spokesman Jerry Stamoulis drive.

The local EQ range currently starts with the compact EQA and EQB, then the mid-size family van EQC and EQV, and extends to the flagship luxury sedan EQS – with the family-sized EQE sedan due next month.

The SUV versions of the EQS and EQE are also planned for 2023.

The EQ name – which stands for “electrical intelligence” – was first adopted by Mercedes-Benz in 2016 with the presentation of the Generation EQ concept vehicle, which went into production in 2018 as the EQC SUV.

Well acc HandelsblattMercedes-Benz has a new generation of electric models from 2024, which could trigger the decision to retire the EQ name.

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