McLaren could develop electric super sedan to rival Porsche Taycan – report

McLaren could develop electric super sedan to rival Porsche Taycan - report

British supercar company McLaren is eyeing new segments to compete with Porsche and Lotus, and it could be powered by BMW technology, overseas reports suggest.

That electric super sedan Segment becomes more interesting with McLaren is considering building its own four-door.

McLaren’s new CEO, Michael Leiters, hinted at a British release Evo The company is considering an electric sports sedan that would be a direct competitor to that Porsche Taycan.

As reported in July 2022, foreign reports claim McLaren is in talks with BMW to partner on an electric car architecture that could be used to develop four-seat models for both brands.

The partnership between BMW and McLaren is believed not to have been confirmed and it’s not known for certain if it would include a four-door model – however the July report presented a four-seater as one area where the two brands could work together.

These computer illustrations created by independent artists Andrei Sulemin give an idea of ​​what an electric McLaren sedan might look like.

Though Lotus is also working on a flagship electric hypercar, Mr Leiters dismissed the idea of ​​competing in the segment anytime soon, saying the technology isn’t at the stage to consider such a model – but conceded Batteries and electric motors are ready for use in other vehicles.

“The technology is much more mature [and allows us to] Adapt it to have a more lifestyle and a more utilitarian purpose,” he said.

“Words like ‘utility’ or ‘lifestyle’ naturally lead to certain conclusions. I think the key move for McLaren might be something with the ability to share with more occupants in the car. Not necessarily riding higher, but it could be.”

“I think it’s a really important market. It still is and it keeps growing. It is very attractive as a market segment,” said Mr. Leiters in August 2022.

“I developed an SUV at Ferrari. I developed an SUV at Porsche, so I love SUVs. But we won’t do it for me.”

Although McLaren and BMW have not publicly acknowledged the behind-closed-doors meetings, BMW is understood to have provided technical assistance to McLaren in 2017 to improve emissions and boost engine performance, potentially opening the door for further collaborations.

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