MC Poze’s dog is taken to hospital after eating marijuana: ‘Heart pinched’

Dog named Zé Droguinha was released by the vet: ‘Thank God he is getting better’

Play/Instagram/@pozevida.loucaMC Poze adopted a dog less than a week ago

The singer mc pose concerned about your health puppy last Wednesday 19. Zé Droguinha called, ate the pet marijuana that belonged to the owner and then vomited. On social media, Poze described the occasion and mourned the pet. ‘I’m going to tell you the story of Zé Droguinha. Zé Droguinha arrives and the father already gives up this alias [nome] for him. What happened? He ate my joint and felt sick. He ate the tobacco and vomited. The dog stopped playing,” he explained. “When we arrived, we saw the vomit with a small piece of tobacco,” he explained. Zé Droguinha lived with the rapper for less than a week. After the accident, the MC said he intended to pass the dog’s care and responsibilities on to his parents. “I contacted the vet and thank goodness he is getting better. I’m not staying in this no. One day the dog was high on marijuana. My heart squeezed, I give it to my father or mother. It’s a lot of ‘reaction,’” he said. Zé Droguinha has already been discharged from the vet and appeared in videos on Instagram with the singer.

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