MC Pipokinha is fed up with being called ’round’, but replies: ‘I gave my father a car in sight’

Singer who appeared on stage with spicy performances pointed to machismo in the music industry: ‘Would the MC who sings be okay?’

Play/Instagran/@pihrainhaThe funk artist MC Pipokinha is successful with erotic scenes in her presentations

phenomenon of forbidden funky since breaking out with daring clips and shows last year, singer MC Pipokinha has relished being called “curvy” and a slut. On stage, the 24-year-old from Santa Catarina not only sings spicy hits like “Bota Tudo” or “De Quatro”, but also plays sexual relations with her dancers. “Obviously I didn’t want people to look at me like, ‘Oh, she’s curvy, she’s a bitch, she’s a slut’. I’m an artist, this is my job, but they don’t understand,” Pipokinha aired as she put on makeup – video was released by make-up artist Helder Marucci on TikTok. “Would the MC who sings be okay with that? O MC Don Juan sang about s*** for years. Is he seen as a negative figure? Only he can? Why are you a man? My egg, I’m the one who can. On stage, anyone can be a character. I am,” declared the self-proclaimed “Queen of Shit.”

Pipokinha also emphasized that funk not only gave her visibility, but also transformed her life. “They talk, they talk, they talk… I have four houses in my name, I gave my father a car in sight,” the artist declared. “Life is not an amusement park, you have to get up early, yes. “Oh, so-and-so can do it.” So-and-so can’t, so-and-so has had a hard time having that. He ate the bread that the devil kneaded. Swallowed dry and you may not even know it.”

Watch the video released by Pipokinha’s makeup artist

@clearmarucci Production Pipokinha 2 #invent #popcorn #clearmarucci ♬ Original Sound – Bright Marucci

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