Matthew McConaughey only agreed to make a movie after a “supernatural” tip

Matthew McConaughey did not leave his future in the hands of luck, but he said his participation How to lose a man in 10 days had help from a seer.

The actor told Magazine Vanity Fair that a palm reader approached him on the street at the moment he was invited to join the film. Of his own free will, the fortune teller asked a question:

“I remember one night I was contemplating whether or not to take the part as I walked down Sunset Boulevard. Suddenly this man appears in front of me out of nowhere, he was a fortune teller. He comes up to me and asks me, ‘Can I read your fortune for a second?’”

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Man in 10 Days (Playback/Netflix)

According to Matthew, he did not tell the man anything, but he guessed the whole situation and warned the actor: if he did not take the offer, he would regret it later:

“I said, ‘Sure, man,’ and he immediately blurts out, ‘There’s this movie you’re thinking about right now, a romantic comedy. You have to accept it or this will be one of the biggest regrets of your life. going to have a lot of fun, the experience will be great and you’re going to make a lot of money’.

“I laughed when he said that, but I also remember that I started to take that proposal more seriously from that point on. In fact, I think I accepted the offer the next day,” he said.

Matthew McConaughey was the perfect match, says Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson opposite Matthew throughout most of the film, and she said she took an active part in choosing the actor. According to her, Matthew showed from the start that he was the only right option:

“We were looking for guys for the movie and we went back and forth on who would be the right person for the part. My partner was very important to me. Matthew came in for a meeting and I immediately thought it was a great idea. I loved his energy and we clicked right away.”

Kate also commented on the film’s themes, and how it is a film that puts the female lead in a position of power and not as a damsel waiting for Prince Charming.

“I actually think it’s a very feminist movie, and I think it’s something that sends a great message to young women. The concept that women are in control of their destiny, their lives and their purpose,” she explained.

How to lose a man in 10 days is available on Paramount+, Prime Video It is Play telecine.

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