Matheus Sampaio tattoos Brenda Paixão’s face after breakup: ‘I’ll take you with me’

Winner of ‘Power Couple 6’ said he is trying to correct his mistakes and his love for his ex will be eternal

Play/Instagram/paixao_brenda/11.22.2021Matheus Sampaio and Brenda Paixão announced their separation on October 25

Matthew Sampaio tattooed face Brenda Passion behind her back about a month after the couple announced their end of their engagement. They became known after participating in the Netflix reality”Playing with fire🇧🇷 The couple was also featured in the sixth edition of the “Power couple Brazil”, from Record TV, and won the competition. On social networks, he showed the result of the tattoo and commented: “Life is made up of moments, moments that are immortalized in our hearts, they are like cycles that may or may not end, but the love, affection and gratitude of a man it never fades or ends, our successes only become reality because there are mistakes, here I try to correct them, because who never does, right?” Matheus added that he does not want to erase anything that he lived with Brenda.” I’d like to go back in time but I can’t, so when I’m here I’ll take you with me It’s through our mistakes that we change and learn for the better.” The former Power Couple hinted that they are fighting for reconciliation.”Only time will tell, let it be short, I confess, and to God belongs our story, but the gratitude, love and affection will be eternal,” he concluded “Shocked,” one follower commented. “I won’t believe it until I see it! I see it: I don’t believe it,” another joked. “I’ll never understand why people only appreciate it after they’ve lost,” added one different. See the tattoo:

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