Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 actors share cryptic Venom teases

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 actor Tony Todd took to Twitter again this week to hype Venom, the role he’ll play in the sequel to Marvel’s Spider Man. He’s done this more than once before, but this time he was joined by some of the other actors who joined in the cryptic conversation to hint at what’s to come. If anything, the brief interaction has made people more excited for the game, although of course it’s also an inspiration to some that we’ll see some sort of PlayStation event soon to showcase more of the game.

Todd kicked off the conversation on Twitter with a short tweet: “Venom Rules,” he said alongside other hashtags teasing the character’s debut in Marvel’s Spider Man 2. A sentiment most Venom fans would agree with, sure, and one that got people all excited again for his performance as the iconic Marvel character.

Then Yuri Lowenthal arrives to back up Todd’s claims. Lowenthal, the actor who voiced Spider-Man Marvel’s Spider Man and will return in the future to voice Peter Parker once again, replied in agreement of Todd’s Venom praise. Nadji Jeter, the actor who played Miles Morales Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and will also voice the character Marvel’s Spider Man 2ended the conversation by saying that people are not yet ready for what is to come.

Does this tell us a lot about the game? Nothing special, but it’s nice to see the actors interact in a way that shows they’re all excited about the game. The fans are clearly excited too, as all the replies to those tweets were filled with people eager to hear Todd as Venom and the other two return to their roles in the new Spider-Man game.

As is pretty much always the case when we’ve had a gap in presentations, some hopeful PlayStation fans are hoping that means a PlayStation Showcase or State of Play is on the way. Xbox had its own event not too long ago and has another one coming up, and a Nintendo Direct is rumored and people are expecting one to happen next week, so PlayStation is next on people’s wish lists.

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