Marvel star helps actor canceled for sexual abuse

After almost two years of silence, Army Hammer first commented on the scandals that drove him out of Hollywood, saying that he only managed to rehabilitate himself thanks to Robert Downey Jrwho supported him.

The actor became one of the most talked about names in the media when he was accused of rape, abuse and toxic sexual habits, which even included cannibalism.

Hammer came out of anonymity and pleaded his innocence for the first time. He claims that he has not committed any kind of sexual abuse and sheds light on a past where he would have been a victim.

Oliver (Armie Hammer) in Call Me By Your Name (play)

For airmail, Army Hammer stated that his sexual behavior is the result of violence at the age of 13.

Armie breaks silence on his rape allegations, admitting to behaving “emotionally abusive” towards the women who accused him.

However, the actor vehemently denied committing any form of sexual abuse. While he claims he has not engaged in any sex acts without consent, Armie Hammer has placed some of the blame on his success in Hollywood.

Oliver (Armie Hammer) in Call Me By Your Name (play)

The star claimed that his fame may have led some of his partners to say “yes” to things they may not voluntarily do.

“I was with these young women, in their 20s, when I was in my 30s. I was a successful actor at the time. They could have been happy just being with me, they could have said yes to things they might not have said voluntarily. There was an imbalance of power in the situation,” the actor said.

Hammer also stated that he saw no future for himself at the height of the scandal, revealing that he even contemplated suicide. But because of the kids I had given up.

The actor now claims he’s become a “healthier, happier and more balanced person,” saying he’s ready to accept his mistakes. However, Hammer is unlikely to get a fresh start in Hollywood.

“I’m here to admit my mistakes, to take responsibility for being an asshole, for being selfish, for using people to make myself feel better, and when I was done, I moved on. I am now a healthier, happier and more balanced person. I can be there for my kids in a way I’ve never been. I am so grateful for my life, my recovery and everything in between. I wouldn’t go back and undo it all what happened to me.”

Support Robert Downey Jr.

Now, at a new point in his life, Hammer says he will move in with a rehab partner to help him stay sober. “I’ll move in with him, get him into a healthy routine, put him on a good meeting schedule [de recuperação], take him to the gym, prepare healthy food for him. It feels like my recovery has shifted from being the one who needs help getting sober to being able to help others.”

The actor had already said that he found help to kick his addictions on the advice of Robert Downey Jr., of Iron Man fame in Marvel, who even paid for his treatment and found him a place to stay in times of relapse.

“There are examples everywhere, Robert [Downey Jr.] being one of them, of people who have experienced these things and found redemption in a new way. And I think that’s what this cancellation culture is missing. As soon as someone does something wrong, they get kicked out. There is no chance of recovery. When they throw someone like me into the fire to protect themselves… all they’re doing is fanning the fire. And this fire is now out of control and will burn everyone.”

a sunken career

Army Hammer

After climbing broke out in Hollywood, Armie saw his career go downhill as he was fired from several projects and abandoned by his agents.

Among the productions lost by Armie is the film Shotgun marriage created by Jennifer Lopezthe new series of The godfather and the Broadway play The minutes.

Recently, the actor returned to theaters together Gal Gadotstarring in the movie Death on the Nile. although, Armie is only present in the film because his filming took place before the scandal erupted.

However, as already predicted by the film’s producers, the actor’s presence helped undermine the film, which turned out to be a box office failure and was heavily criticized for the actor’s presence.

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