Marvel reveals the identity of the most important avenger in the multiverse

Readers have finally learned who the mysterious Avenger Prime belongs to Avengers forever. “Avengers Assemble” is a crossover event between Jason Aaron’s Avengers and Avengers forever titles, marking the end of his multi-year run on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The current Avengers team up with heroes from across the multiverse to defeat Mephisto and the Multiversal Masters of Evil. One of Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day titles last year teased this epic story and also introduced a figure named Avenger Prime who watches over Avengers Tower in the God Quarry. Marvel teased the reveal of Avenger Prime’s identity, and now it’s time to find out who he really is.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Avengers Forever #13. Read on at your own risk.

Avengers forever #13 comes from the creative team of Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Mark Farmer and Frank Martin. Part five of “Avengers Assemble” finds Earth’s mightiest multiversal heroes defending Avengers Tower from attack by Mephisto variants. Special guest stars also include King Thor’s granddaughters, the Goddesses of Thunder – Frigg, Ellisiv and Atli – along with Old Man Phoenix. Things take a turn when Doom Supreme enters the fray.

Also known as the Doom Above All, Doom Supreme is the leader of the Multiversal Masters of Evil and appears with an army of Doom variants at his disposal. Old Man Phoenix suggests that the Avengers need their own sorcerer to fight the evil Sorcerer Supreme, signaling the entrance for Avenger Prime. Taking off his winged helmet that hid his identity, Avenger Prime says that “you can’t have the Avengers without a Loki to bring them together”, revealing that he is a Loki variant with what appears to be Agamotto’s eye on his forehead. .

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Avengers Assemble is the conclusion of Jason Aaron’s Avengers

Jason Aaron took control Avengers in 2018 and 2023, it will all come to a multiverse-shattering conclusion in Avengers Assemble Omega #1. The “Avengers Assemble” crossover is currently running through Aaron’s Avengers and Avengers forever as Mephisto’s Council of Red and the Multiversal Masters of Evil attempt to conquer the multiverse. The 10-part showdown ends in April with Avengers Assemble Omega #1, as Aaron is joined by a superstar lineup including Javier Garron, Aaron Kuder, Jim Towe, Ivan Fiorelli and more.

“It’s definitely the right time to pull this all together and finish some of the character arcs I’ve been building for years,” Aaron shared. Comic book resources. “We talked about what a big, epic war story this is. It has a lot of different characters beating each other and a lot of different versions of Avengers from all over time and space. However, in the midst of all of that, we have all the character moments, beats and arcs that make up of my run since issue 1. So one of the goals is to make sure we don’t lose all of that between all the fighting and crazy moments there’s some huge character beats coming at the end of this, and a lot of these characters are the ones which I’ve been working on in one form or another for over a decade now. It feels like the right time to wrap all of that up.”

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