Marvel Champions Announces Final X-Men Hero Pack

Fantasy Flight Games has announced another X-Men Hero Pack Marvel champions card game. Rogue joins the popular cooperative card game in February 2023, with a unique power set built around borrowing the skills of those she touches. Rogue can link her Touched upgrade to friends, enemies, or even other players’ heroes, gaining different abilities based on the type of character she paired it with. In addition, Rogue gains the traits of the character she touched, adding even more benefits to various cards Rogue plays. Notably, Rogue can also borrow event cards from other players’ discard piles, allowing her to use their powers in a variety of ways.

Rogue’s pre-built hero deck is themed around the Protection aspect and comes with several new X-Men allies like Iceman that can freeze and temporarily stun opponents. Her Hero Deck also comes with a modular encounter set that adds the Reavers to any scenario. The Reavers all activate at the same time thanks to their shared Teamwork ability, which makes them extra difficult to deal with when they are activated on the battlefield.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game where players use a deck based on a specific hero and team up with other heroes to defeat super villains and thwart their plans. Each scenario has different rules and circumstances, and players can choose to either use a pre-built Hero Deck or create a custom deck that uses a specific hero’s cards along with cards from one of four different aspects.

In the past months, Marvel champions has focused on the X-Men, following the release of their Mutant Genesis expansion. A total of eight X-Men will be released for the game – with Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm and Gambit joining Rogue as individual Hero Packs, while Shadowcat and Colossus are included in the Mutant Genesis expansion.

Rogue’s Hero Deck is released for Marvel Champions: The Card Game this November.

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