Marvel boss Kevin Feige speaks out about movie fans getting tired of superhero movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a powerhouse in the media landscape, with its movies and exclusive Disney+ television shows dominating the box office and the hearts of fans. While Marvel Studios’ productions are far from the only superhero franchises in existence today, they are often lumped together in conversations about whether or not they have “superhero fatigue.” During the day a recent interview The Movie Business podcast, Feige addressed that speculation, hinting that the decades-long storytelling of the franchise’s source material proves it can work.

“I’ve been at Marvel Studios for over 22 years, and most of us here at Marvel Studios have been together for a decade or more,” Feige explains. “From probably my second year at Marvel, people were asking, ‘Well, how long is this going to last? Is this comic book movie craze going to end?’ I didn’t really understand the question. Because for me it was like saying after “Gone With the Wind,” “Well, how many more movies can be made from novels? Do you think audiences will sour from movies that get made?” from books?’ You would never ask that because most people naturally understand that a book can be anything. A novel can have any kind of story. So it all depends on what story you’re translating. Non-comics readers don’t understand. that it’s the same thing in comics.”

“There are 80 years of the most interesting, emotional, groundbreaking stories told in the Marvel comics, and it’s our great privilege to be able to take what we’ve got and adapt it,” added Feige. “Another way to do that is to adapt them to different genres and what kind of movies we want to make. I found that if we tell the story well and we adapt them in a way that the audience still – knock on wood so far – follow us more than 22 years later … we can [make] all kinds of movies that have two things in common: the Marvel Studios logo above the title and an idea from our publishing history.”

Will Secret Wars end the MCU?

The ongoing debate about the fatigue of superhero movies comes after confirmation that Marvel is working on one Avengers: Secret Wars movie, leaving many fans wondering if that multiverse-crushing story could end or reboot the MCU altogether.

“I mean, I think it could be a long time,” Marvel producer Nate Moore explained in an interview late last year. “I think we have to continue to… We can’t rest on our laurels. We can’t think we have the answers. We have to keep pushing the boundaries in terms of genre and what we want to explore. But for me, Marvel- movies just movies Our source material is just… It would be like saying, “Hey, are movies about books going on forever?” Probably.”

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