Martin Scorsese sharpens his tongue again and has a new victim: “Disgusting”

Martin Scorsese he does not tire and seems to take pleasure in detonating anything that does not promote his works as masterpieces of the film industry.

After speaking badly about the productions of Miracle and say the movies “they are not a real cinema”the warden found another target at the opening of the Roger Ebert Center for Film Studies at the University of Illinois. In a speech, he blames streaming for the ‘impoverishment’ of cinema, calling review aggregator sites ‘disgusting’.

Martin Scorsese (playback/SBS)

According to him, films are no longer respected as art and are merely regarded as yet another consumer product.

“If he were alive, he would see the way things are today, which is a general devaluation of cinema because of streaming platforms. Thanks to them, it’s all about ‘content’ now, and not only that, there’s now a spectacle that is truly unbelievably disgusting, namely Rotten Tomatoes and CinemaScore. I’m sure that [se Roger Ebert estivesse vivo]would he protest against these things.”

“It’s not an ego thing or anything, it’s about cinema itself as art. The point is that he not only deserves our respect, but it’s our duty.”

The sites cited by the filmmaker are a compilation of reviews from professional critics and viewers.

Watch Scorsese’s full speech:

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Marvel actor hits back at Martin Scorsese

Robert Downey Jr. he was angry at the remarks of the famous directors, and he showed superiority to the discussion, which he considers petty and baseless. That kind of division is not good for cinema or directors, he said:

“I think it’s a waste of time creatively to be in this little war between us. We have arrived in an era where everything is more fragmented and there is a sort of split. If we just keep throwing stones at each other…”

Robert Downey Jr.  as Tony Stark in the MCU (Play/Marvel)

The actor also gave a very sharp “suggestion” to anyone who thinks that superhero movies are not worthy of attention.

“Before we start bashing others, go through your own renaissance and see if it doesn’t change your mind a little bit. Reinvent yourself before deciding that someone else doesn’t know what they’re doing or is keeping you from doing your best,” he advised.

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