Marquezine gets angry after she stops following Neymar and Carol Dantas’ sister: ‘Boring’

Attitude was published by gossip profile on social networks, which disturbed the actress

Play/Instagram/brunamarquezineBruna Marquezine’s relationship with Neymar ended in October 2018

After unfollowing Rafaella Santos, sister of Neymarand Carol Dantas, mother of the player’s son, Bruna Marquises was annoyed by the backlash of the attitude. The actress decided to counter a gossip profile that talked about the fact on social networks. “Oh people, holy shit! Really?! I have unfollowed more than 200 pages on Instagram, pages with memes, brands, people with whom I no longer live and interact on the networks. Stop this annoyance, an unnecessary stupid association that has made no sense for years,” said Marquezine. In response to other followers, she said “I didn’t see it” that she liked a meme that said she hadn’t gotten over the breakup with her ex. “It was the last slide of 10, I must have seen half the memes, I found one funny and I liked that one. When I saw here on Twitter that I ‘liked’ I made it a point not to like it, but you didn’t stop reverberating until it became news, because you are the ones who like this association,” replied the actress, who added by questioning how hard it is to accept and respect what she’s been saying “for years.” Marquezine and Neymar had a come and go relationship between 2013 and 2018.

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